Holiday Houses & Following Jesus

Holiday Houses

Stories capture my imagination. There are 2 stories from the Gospels that help me understand what it means to follow Jesus. Jesus told his followers to go and tell others about him. In essence he wants us to help people follow him. So often we emphasise the ‘go’ part of this instruction, but what happens … Read more

Following the Storytelling God

‘Storytelling is powerful because it has the ability to touch human beings at the most personal level. While facts are viewed from the lens of a microscope, stories are viewed from the lens of the soul.’ – Mark Miller Stories capture us. I spent hours playing Robin Hood as a child. I climbed trees, made … Read more

Incarnationational Ministry – Being “Little Jesuses” Wherever You Are

Incarnationational ministry is all about immersing yourself among a group of people, acting as Jesus would in order to embed the gospel. This is a beautiful thing – a powerful thing. Seeing mission and ministry in these terms sets followers of Jesus free to serve him in their everyday life. Alan Hirsch writes the following: … Read more