Why We Love Men In Capes

Why We Love Men in Capes Mark Meynell

This isn’t really a review but more of a shout out about Why We Love Men In Capes by Mark Meynell. This is a fun audio feature connecting humanity’s love of superheros with our longing for a Saviour. The world of comics is dark and scary, much like our world, and superheros fight against oppression … Read more

Jesus the Game Changer – Review

Karl Faase

Jesus the Game Changer is the latest video release from Olive Tree Media. In short, the documentary series is a winner. It features 10 episodes, each 28 minutes long, which explore the person of Jesus, and the impact his teaching and followers had on society. Jesus the Game Changer follows on from Olive Tree Media’s previous … Read more

Tortured For Christ

Richard Wurmbrand’s book ‘Tortured for Christ’ was over a period of 3 days shortly after his release from a Romanian prison and originally published in 1967.  Wurmbrand says that his book has ‘no literary value’ and to an extent there is some truth.  However the true value of the book is due to the way … Read more