Top Advice from Missional Leaders on Disciplemaking Part 1

God is on a mission. He is at work redeeming the world. The story begins with God’s perfect creation, but marred by human sinfulness, he begins his redemptive process. But he invites us to join him on his mission. Jesus put it this way, “Go, and make disciples.” To be a follower of Jesus is … Read more

Why you can have confidence in Jesus’ resurrection.

The death and resurrection of Jesus is critical to the Christian faith. It’s not hard to believe Jesus died, after all, death is the intended result of crucifixion. But it is harder to believe in Jesus’ resurrection. People don’t usually come back to life. But does this mean it didn’t occur? People have come up … Read more

What is the Biggest Barrier Jesus Followers Face in having an Everyday Faith?

Following Jesus in an everyday way is tough at times. We experience doubts and questions. We face difficult moral choices. And we strive to fit in with our culture. How do we find time to pursue a vibrant relationship with God when there is so much that demands our attention? And what about when it … Read more