Letting Go

Church of St Lazarus

Life is full of hustle. Just think about it. We have goals, ambitions and milestones. In working life, you move career opportunity to career opportunity, and promotion to promotion. Achievement is what really matters, not the months and years it took to get there. These are just steps on the road, it means little more. … Read more

Jesus’ Dysfunctional Family – Why Jesus’ Family Tree is an Invitation for You.

Over the past few years shows about family trees have become popular. It doesn’t surprise me. People love hearing stories. TV shows about ancestry not only tell stories of, let’s face it, interesting people, but also help connect people into a story. I’ve heard that adopted children want to know who their birth parents are. … Read more

Why Platitudes Come From ‘Christian Surgeons’ – How to stop your words from causing hurt

Christian Surgeons

Surgeons aren’t always known for having the best bedside manners. They may be great in operating theatres but sometimes struggle with communication. Sometimes followers of Jesus can be like this. We can struggle with our communication. We may try to show support, comfort or empathy but end up causing hurt. I call these types of … Read more