Wrecked – The Life you’re Afraid to Live

Jeff Goins

Note: The following excerpt has been taken with permission from ‘Wrecked for the Ordinary‘ by Jeff Goins. Jeff is an author and blogger who helps others get published at goinswriter.com. In this extract, Jeff wrestles with what it means when your faith collides with the brokenness of society. Wrecked for the Ordinary A couple of years … Read more

Let Me Take Your Burden

I’m a bit of a calendar nerd.  Promotional calendars have heaps of information like tide charts, moon cycles and other pointless trivia.  My favourite thing of all is when there are pictures of flags on the national day of different countries.  The day for Israel is simply called ‘Yom Kippur’. Basically for Yom Kippur a … Read more

Confessions of your Pastor

The following is based partly on my personal experience as a pastor but mostly on conversations I’ve had with other pastors… I am the pastor of your church.  I live in your neighbourhood.  I serve our community.  It’s meant to be a joy.  Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t.  When I look around I see … Read more