5 Inspiring Quotes on Christian Mission


Jesus called his followers to spread the word about him. That what we call The Great Commission (Matt. 28:16-20). But for so many Christians sharing their faith is such a difficult thing to do.

I used to feel like I didn’t know what to say to people. I felt uncertain about my role in evangelism. At times I also felt somewhat indifferent about others and wasn’t inclined to reach out to them because it was uncomfortable. I didn’t really know what it meant to be missional.

Can you relate?

Everyone can find reasons not to think about mission, but in reality God has sent you to do it and empowered you through the Holy Spirit. It starts with him, is reliant on him, and the results are up to him.

I found the best thing to do is discovering God’s missional story rather than focusing on my excuses, and guilt, for not doing mission. I learned God’s heart beats for people.

Here are 5 quotes on Christian mission I find inspiring.

1. Krish Kandiah on the importance of how we share the gospel.

5 Inspiring Quotes on Christian Mission

Krish Kandiah wrote a great little article about how not to evangelise. Seriously, have a read when you can.

I want people to know Jesus. But these words remind me it’s God’s job, not mine, to save them. I work with him in sharing the good news about Jesus but he’s in charge.

These words inspire me to remember how we share Jesus with people matters as much as what we share. People should never be turned away from Jesus because of the way we speak. When God gives the opportunity our words should be full of grace, patience, generousity and spoken. Jesus calls us to make disciples but he never gave a quota on how many.

2. Alan Hirsch on the reality that every Christian is a missionary wherever they are.

It can be so easy to fall into the trap of believing that preaching the gospel is the job of the spiritual elites. God calls missionaries to go overseas. He calls pastors to preach the gospel. But he doesn’t call you. Right???

Sometimes churches have let you down here. We’ve emphasised special occasions like Christmas and Easter. We’ve given you’ve pamphlets and encouraged you to invite your friends and family. And we’ve subtly told you your role is just to invite people, We’ll do the rest.

This is wrong.

The thing is, God has called you to be his witness. He wants you to let others know who Jesus is and what he has done for you. God wants you to be a representative of Jesus wherever you are.

3. Jeff Goins on the conflict of following the Suffering Servant.

5 Inspiring Quotes on Christian Mission

I love Jeff Goins’ words from Wrecked. These words remind me of Jesus’ suffering to save us. They remind me he died to heal, restore, to bring us back to God. They remind me that Jesus calls us to follow him, to be willing to suffer for making him known and advocating for the voiceless.

But they also challenge me because I love comfort and safety. I love the security of the ideal life; one that invites me to follow Jesus without risk. In my

What a reminder a grace. Jesus didn’t just suffer, die and was raised to life for us; he didn’t just call us to follow him as an embodiment of his kingdom; but he continues to pursue us and refuses to cast us aside when we settle for following without risk.

4. Sundar Singh on contextualisation.

5 Inspiring Quotes on Christian Mission

This quote reminds me that the gospel needs to shared with people in a way that makes sense to them. Customs, traditions, values and behaviours create the lens through which people groups see the world. If you understand these, you can talk about Jesus in a way that makes to people. It doesn’t mean changing the gospel, but expressing it in relevant ways.

Alan Hirsch and Mike Frost give an example of this in The Shaping of Things to Come. The write about early British missionaries in Zimbabwe using the phrase ‘Jesus standing at the door knocking’ (Rev. 3:20). The cultural problem was people didn’t knock when they visited friends, they called out. Only thieves knocked! The missionaries inadvertently proclaimed Jesus to be a thief because they didn’t understand the culture!

5. Chris Wright on blessing as a missional impetus.

5 Inspiring Quotes on Christian Mission

What does it mean to be missional? According to Chris Wright to be missional is to be a bearer of God’s blessing. He equates it with the Great Commission. What going on in the lives of people around you right now? What are the things God has put in your hands you can bless others with?

So, which quote inspires you at the moment? I’d love to hear which one and why it’s had the impact, so share it below. If there’s a quote I’ve missed, share that too.

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