5 Reasons why Worship Matters

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1. God is worthy of worship

This is perhaps the most obvious reason why our worship matters but it is also the most important.  The Bible is full of occasions that show God is worthy of worship.  Whenever the curtain is drawn back and people are given a glimpse of heaven, worship is happening.  Angels declare the goodness of God.  People realise their unholiness when compared to the holiness of God.  The Psalms echo this effectively from a human perspective.  This is especially seen in Psalm 96 where the psalmist uses words like ‘splendour’ and ‘great’ in giving reasons why God is deserving of worship.


2. We are made for worship

Humanity at its core is made for worship.  This is an assumption that is clear in the Bible.  This does not necessarily mean they everyone is bowing down before something or singing to something but simply that whatever it is that is the most important thing in our life is what we will worship.  Think about how the Commandments are structured.  They begin with commands that are about worship – love God, idolatry, God’s name, and Sabbath worship.  Forgetting God shouldn’t be an issue for these people.  They have been delivered by God.  Surely they will not forget him nor neglect worshiping him and yet God feels it is so important that they need reminding of it.  Why?  Because if it is not God, we will find something else to worship.  This is the point Joshua makes in Chapter 24 when he calls the people to choose who they will worship.  It’s not a matter of if people worship but who or what people worship.

3. Worship is of cosmic importance

The book of Job emphasises this point.  What is at stake in this book is worship.  Will Job still worship God when everything is stripped away from him?  God is willing to risk his own reputation for the sake of the importance of Job’s worship.  Even more uncomfortable for us is that God is willing to let Job suffer for the sake of his worship.  If we are in any doubt of the cosmic importance of worship then the third temptation of Jesus underlines it.  Here the temptation of Jesus is to bow down and worship Satan in exchange for his dominion.  Surely these 2 examples highlight the cosmic importance of our worship.

4. Worship matters to God

It may sound egotistical of God to say that he desires our worship.  Indeed for anyone less than God it would be.  But since God is the most powerful one in the universe anything less fails to acknowledge the reality of who he is.  Needless to say, the Bible makes it clear that our worship matters to God.  Deuteronomy 6 says that God is jealous when it comes to his people worshiping anything else.  It was precisely this breaking of relationship, or worship, which led the people into the Babylonian exile.  And it is a worship session that breaks out when angels visit some shepherds when Jesus was born.

5. Worship changes us

Psalm 115:4-8 illustrates this point. The Psalm describes the complete insufficiency of idols and significantly v. 8 notes that idol-makers and/or worshipers become just like their idols.  Conversely it seems reasonable to conclude that worshiping God shapes believers increasingly more like Jesus.  The point the psalmist is making is whatever is the most central thing in one’s life (i.e. whatever is worshiped) moulds them.  When we worship we reflect what Jesus is like.  We become people who are defined by ‘an unrivaled love’, ‘unceasing cross-bearing’ and ‘an unreserved surrender’ to Christ (J. Oswald Sanders, Spiritual Discipleship).

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2 thoughts on “5 Reasons why Worship Matters”

  1. Ok… but how does it make us wise? Does it empower the renewed mind talked about in Roman’s 12:2?
    I can listen to worship music for 2 hrs and wave my hands ect, how is it gonna change me and improve my walk??? Seems like A pharisee activity

  2. I like that you said that worship matters because worshipping God makes us more like Jesus because according to Psalm 115:4-8 worshippers become just like their idols. My boyfriend is slowly losing his faith in our religion lately and has stopped praying or reading the bible. Perhaps it’s time that we start going to church worship regularly so he can start worshipping God again and be shaped by Jesus. Thanks for this article!


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