Darryl EybHi my name’s Darryl Eyb and I am a pastor, blogger and speaker. I help ordinary people connect with an extraordinary God, so they can follow Jesus in their everyday life.

In my experience there are many faithful followers of Jesus who long for something deeper.  A sermon is a great opportunity to hear an encouraging word from God, but in my experience as a minister, it is difficult to bring an in-depth theological discussion in this setting.  This is not bad, it’s just not the purpose of a sermon.  Are you one of the many who long to go deeper into the Bible?  Are you searching for a way to understand what is behind the faith you hold?  If so, I believe, this site may be the place for you.

I have worked hard to develop several ways for you to interact theologically on the site:

  • Blog – My blog is the primary way that most people engage with the theological content of the site.  I work my hardest to ensure that it is posted weekly on Tuesday by 7:30 p.m. Sydney time.  I love hearing from you so don’t forget to leave a comment at the of posts.
  • Studies – If you are in a small group, or simply looking for a personal small Bible study that is committed to providing practical theology, then head to the studies page and see if I have something for you.

  • Speaking – I’m committed to teaching small groups of people.  Are you part of a group of people who at times struggle with theological concepts?  Send me a message from my teaching page to see if there’s a way I can help you.

A Little About Me

I am a graduate of Morling College where I studied a Bachelor of Ministry.  My main focus was pastoral theology and enabling people to discover who they are in Jesus and become more
like him.  I am passionate about sharing theology with ‘average’ Christians.  I believe that we learn theology together and as such I enjoy facilitating theological discussions where everyone is able to contribute.

I married my beautiful wife Megan in 2006.  I am constantly amazed by her.  She constantly ‘irons out’ my writing.  Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are always my fault.  We have 3 great children.  Even though they can be challenging at times, they also teach me much about God.

In 2013 my wife and I planted Cornerstone Church Central Coast in partnership with the Baptist Association of NSW and ACT.  We are a community of people who just want to follow Jesus and share our relationship with him in organic ways.  We meet on Sunday afternoons and treasure creating an environment where people share their lives and faith in authentic ways.


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