Why I Do What I Do

I created this website to help people discover the depths of their Christian faith and how they can better know and understand the God they serve. There is a fantastic array of degrees and study options available for those who are seeking to become ministry professionals, but for those who would like to deepen their theological understanding within the practical limitations of everyday life the options are much more limited. It is often difficult for pastors to fully expound the truths of Scripture in a sermon with time limitations and the wide spectrum of people in a congregation. Sometimes this can mean that people struggle to truly understand the amazing faith they are living.  I aim to fill the void between the Sunday sermon and more formal theological study.  I am passionate about the story of God and teaching the truths of the Bible to fellow believers in practical ways. In doing this I’ve adopted an approach which strives to encourage believers to know God deeper, to allow the truth of the Bible to grow within their hearts, and to show the truth of who God is to those around them.

In short, I run this site for 2 reasons.  Firstly, I believe that God goodness and grace are worth talking about.  This is unapologetically a site about God.  Secondly, I run this site because you matter. I believe God wants you to know the depths of his love.  This isn’t just a theoretical understanding of who he is but one which affects your everyday life.