Reaching People in Land of The Margins

Reaching People in the land of the margins - Gwen Adams

The new unreached people group in America is a land called The Margins. These are a people group that have grown up in a land that is vastly unfamiliar from the America I grew up in. The cultural norms for them is a world of violence, sexual exploitation, abandonment, rejection, addiction, poverty, racism, and the … Read more

I Utterly Hate My Job

Gwen Adams Priceless

I’m Gwen Adams the Executive Director of Priceless and I HATE MY JOB. It’s simply a terrible, terrible job. Let me help you understand. ⇒ My team and I spend time hearing the worst stories: Stories that have cause me, I admit it, some secondary trauma for which I’ve had to meet with a therapist. … Read more