Ben Connelly on Living Missionally and Community

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On today’s episode I’m joined by Ben Connelly. Ben co-planted The City Church in Fort Worth, Texas in 2009. I have never physically been to the church but during this Covid season, I have dropped on some of their services. Ben may not be a paid staff member anymore, but his missional heart and love of community is reflected in the church.

I’ve talked or emailed Ben a number of times over past few years and always walk away feeling encouraged. He has a way of making Jesus present in the everyday things whether that’s in conversations or his writing. Once again, at the end of our conversation I walked away feeling encouraged from it. I’m sure you will too.

Ben is the Director of Training for Saturate helping equip everyday disciples to be the church in their neighbourhood, proclaiming Jesus in ordinary life, and partnering in the mission of God.

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