Buffeted by the Waves

‘Look at him [Jesus] and say “Lord have mercy.” Say it again and again, not anxiously but with confidence that he is very close to you and will put your soul to rest.’ – Henri Nowen

It is inevitable that at times in our life things are difficult.  It’s just what the world is like.  Sometimes it feels like we are buffeted by storms and knocked around by the waves of life.  But we should not give up hope.  Instead we should look to Jesus.  This is what the disciples did.  For them it was a literal storm, when they were scared, they appealed to Jesus.  He calmed the storm.  On another occasion, again during a storm, they saw him walking across the waves.

If Jesus calmed the storms and walked on the waves for the disciples, he will for us too.  For us it may be the storms of life which throw us off balance, but Jesus is still with us.  When our hearts are stressed, his presence is able to give us peace.  I know this deep down but I find it difficult to apply.  I am too caught up in a culture which values self-reliance and so I do not look to Jesus.  There’s a battle that seems to constantly rage inside and it is all too easy to focus on myself.  I need to learn to stop and look to Jesus.  I need to learn to say “Lord have mercy” and trust the one who walks on the waves.

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