Chasing God’s Calling

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The idea of God’s calling is pretty scary. Just think about David. He was a shepherd boy called by God to become king.

How in the world was he going to pull this off? God’s calling was to a specific task that was beyond his ability. He wasn’t part of the royal family. Nor did he attend the best schools. He was just a shepherd boy in a village. He was just normal.

Have you ever felt ‘called’ by God? I believe all followers of Jesus have a sense of calling. God has created us with passions and dreams to act upon. This is God’s calling. God’s calling us to be his people, representing him in the very way that he’s made us.

Don’t believe me? Think about Nehemiah. He dropped everything and inspired a construction project. God made him this way. This is God’s calling.

Or Esther. She was a queen whose beauty allowed her to intercede for her people. God’s calling.

Or Ananias. He had a dream. Yes, it was specific but it wasn’t to anything big or famous. Just meet with a man named Saul.

The Disciples knew God’s calling too. They were caterers. John 6 tells the story of told them to feed a large crowd. The sum of the crowd’s food was a few pieces of fish and a few bread rolls. They must have expected to hear Jesus’ harsh words. “What? This is it? Get back out there and do better.”

But Jesus doesn’t do this. He takes it, prays, break it and multiples it. The meager food goes abundantly beyond its ability.

God’s Calling for You

So, what’s God’s calling for you? It may be specific – something you can tangibly look back on. But God’s calling may also come from the dreams and passions he created you with. It may be something big and grand, but it may just be catering. Either way, it probably seems beyond your reach. This is often God’s way of doing things.

Don’t give up. I’ve been there. It’s tempting.

Don’t go it alone. I’ve been there. It’s exhausting.

When God’s calling is beyond your reach and ability, look at what the Disciples did. They gave what they had to Jesus. It wasn’t much. It certainly wasn’t enough to feed the crowd. But it was what they had.

Jesus didn’t laugh or mock. He didn’t question. He didn’t motivate them to do better. Jesus took it and multiplied. One thing is true when it comes to God’s calling. If God is passionate about something, he is responsible for getting it done.

God is passionate about you. He sent Jesus for you. He made you a certain way with dreams and desires. And he can see them achieved. If you let him.

3 Ways to Give your Dreams to God

1. See.

Ask God to help you see what is possible if he takes control. How is he glorified?

2. Write it down.

Include everything and put somewhere of Spiritual significance (eg. A place that helps you connect with God, in your Bible, I have a wooden cross I stick things on.)

3. Remember.

Find something that reminds you God is at work. God’s calling is often in the way he has made you. You are probably already doing it in some capacity. Find a way to remind yourself to trust God with what you have.

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