It’s not only chicks that dig scars

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“Chicks dig scars.” I first heard these in a movie called The Replacements. It has become a little joke in our family.

Whenever one of my boys fall over I’ll say it to them. They don’t get it (they’re only 2 and 4) but they laugh along.

While I’m not sure chicks actually do like scars, I’m glad God does. Not only does he like them but he also makes them beautiful.

Scarred People

We all have scars. Sometimes they are physical.

This morning I glimpsed my youngest run past my bedroom door. His brother followed a couple of minutes later.

I haven’t heard my daughter. She’s a late riser and will sneak out when she’s ready.

My wife had a caesar for all three. She has a scar. But it is a beautiful scar because of what it stands for.

Deeper Wounds

Perhaps it is more common for people to have emotional scars. They are invisible but we know their sting.

The ridicule faced for holding Christian values. The struggle of following Jesus in a society that rejects him. The loss of a loved one. Sometimes the betrayal of fellow Jesus followers.

The reasons may vary but we all bear wounds.

Healed but Marked

But healing bears scars. I sliced my finger when I was young. It doesn’t hurt but I can still see the scar.

Even unseen wounds are like this. They still leave marks in our life.

Jesus doesn’t make them disappear. He makes them beautiful.

Jesus makes scars beautiful

Jesus makes our wounds beautiful. I’m not surprised he makes them beautiful. After all, Jesus knows all about scars.

You’d see the scars when you look at his hands or feet. You notice the wound where a spear pierced his side. All these should be ugly except for what lies behind them.

When you look closer his scars are expressions of love.

Jesus’ scars cry out “I have made a way to heal all your wounds.”

Just think about Jesus’ life. Yes, he healed the sick, but he also cared for those rejected by society. He brought love and dignity. Ultimately his sacrifice brought healing to the greatest wound of all, the one that separated people from God.

This is what healing is all about. Jesus is the one who can truly heal our wounds.

A Master Surgeon

It can be difficult to trust Jesus with our hurts. But when we do we find he is a master surgeon. I like the way Steve Macchia expresses it in his book Broken and Whole. He writes:

“I can embrace my brokenness, befriend it, and watch and wait in trust for God to birth hope in my heart for the redemptive way forward. In essence, by living in this reality I can experience the fullness of a loving God and the richness of an emancipated consciousness that leads me into genuine freedom and joy.”

Our pain is real. They say time heals hurts but they’re wrong. Our wounds leave deep marks on our lives but trusting Jesus with them is the way to true healing.

The scar may remain but Jesus makes it beautiful. Our scars remind of God’s faithfulness. But it also gives us hope as he works redemption into us.

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