Come Let Us Adore Him by Paul Tripp – Review


Come Let Us Adore Him Review Paul Tripp

‘Sadly, many of us aren’t gripped by the stunningly magnificent events and truths of the birth of Jesus anymore. Sadly, many of us are no longer gripped by wonder as we consider what this story tells us about the character and plan of God. Sadly, many of us are no longer humbled by what the incarnation of Jesus tells us about ourselves. We walk by the garden of the incarnation, but we don’t see the roses of grace anymore. Our eyes have gone lazy and our hearts have grown cold.’

Come Let Us Adore Him by Paul Tripp is a Christmas devotional which dives head long into the wonder of Jesus becoming human. If you are like me, Christmas time is often busy. There is so much to do. It can be hard to stop. I’m also so familiar with the Christmas story. Often I read it with little sense of wonder. This devotional’s intention is to make you stop and be amazed.

Come Let Us Adore Him is a 31 day devotional designed to run for the month of December. Unusually, this devotional is based around a series of Twitter post’s Tripp made one Christmas. Being restrained from 140 characters Tripp’s Twitter posts are sharp and succinct. The devotional format releases these shackles and allows him to expand on his thoughts toward daily living.

Come Let Us Adore Him is not just a collection of the author’s random Advent thoughts. Instead, the book leads the reader on a journey which heads toward a greater expectancy of the Saviour’s arrival. This is an important aspect of the book; the devotional is set within the Bible big redemptive story.

Tripp’s use of the redemptive story means this is not a fluffy devotional. The reader is lead to realise their need for a Saviour. This is not left in the past tense, has been included as a struggle for followers of Jesus today as they wait for Christ’s return. As Tripp writes:

‘The baby in the manger came because the world was (and still is) groaning, waiting for its final redemption.’

The selection of Bible passages is in keeping with Tripp’s approach. While there are passages from Isaiah and the Gospel’s birth narratives, the devotional also incorporates passages from throughout the Bible.

Come Let Us Adore Him Review

One great feature of Come Let Us Adore Him is the inclusion of a guide for parents and children. These simple steps help parents maintain a Christ focused discussion with their children while still allowing a single point to be easily grasped.


Come Let Us Adore Him is a devotional you should read this Advent. Paul Tripp captures the heart of the Advent season in his unique style. It will help you reconnect with the Christmas story building an expectant anticipation of God’s action in his world.

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Disclaimer: I have received a free epub copy of this book in return for this review.

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