What Are Your 12 Stones?

What Are Your 12 Stones?  Joshua 4 tells a pretty cool little story.  After crossing the River Jordan, Joshua asks for 12 stones to be taken from the water.  They are to be piled together to make a monument so that whenever they will be reminded that they are part of the people of God … Read more


For so long the word ‘shalom’ has been translated as peace.  This is an okay translation but fails to convey the true extent of the word.  Many will think of the absence of war when they think of the word peace.  The absence of hostility is an aspect of shalom but it is a far … Read more

Jesus the Refugee

We hear stories almost every day in the news about refugees who try to come to Australia via the sea. They are called ‘boat people’ or ‘illegal asylum seekers’.  We lock them away for processing or send them to our neighbouring countries.  Politicians run their campaigns around preventing these people from getting to Australia.  Sometimes we, as … Read more