Gwen Adams ‘Crazy Church Ladies’ – The Priceless Story

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Gwen Adams is passionate about seeing the local church come to life. This passion led her to found Priceless in Alaska. Priceless is a non-profit organisation opposing human trafficking especially sex trafficking. It has been recognised by the FBI for its work in connecting victims with support services, and enabling them to seek justice against their traffickers.

Gwen leads on the front foot. She is a leader out in the field, but she is also aware the issue of sex slavery is too big for her. Instead of being overwhelmed by the obstacles she faces, Gwen’s faith is a source guidance. For her, the work of Priceless reflects God’s broken heart over the issue and is an opportunity to join with him in bringing freedom even through the suffering.

Gwen’s first book Crazy Church Ladies tells the story of Priceless. It is set for release early in 2021.

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