How Stephen Fry helps me Reflect on Jesus

“The world is divided up into 2 groups – those who divide the world up into 2 groups and those who don’t.” – Stephen Fry

Although Stephen Fry is making a comedic statement, in a sense he is right to see 2 types of people.  I would write: The world is divided up into 2 groups –those who know Jesus and those who don’t.  Genesis 3 tells the story of humanity disobeying God when they ‘take’ and ‘eat’ of the forbidden fruit.  The result is devastating.  Their relationship with God is broken.  Death enters the world.  They experience shame.  But God still acts for them. He sheds blood in order to provide animal skins to cover up their nakedness.  All of this was because they took and ate.

Jesus also tells us to ‘take’ and ‘eat’ but for him it was about bread and wine.  He used this symbolically to speak about his own sacrifice on the Cross.  When I reflect on the Cross, I cannot help but see parallels to the story in Genesis.  Most obviously there is the shedding of blood.  But in this case it was Jesus’ and it went far beyond simply covering – the shame we feel is removed.  His sacrifice restores the relationship between God and people.  Where death entered the world now through Christ we can be given life.  And what’s more it’s an eternal life that goes beyond the grave through resurrection and eternity with him.  When Jesus calls people to take and eat as he did during the Last Supper, he brilliantly captures the reversal that takes place through his own sacrifice on the Cross.

The world is divided into 2 groups – those who take and eat of the fruit, and those who ‘take and eat’ of Jesus. Blog Footer

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