How You Can Pray Out Loud

In last week’s blog I wrote about 5 common obstacles people face when it comes to prayer. A follow-up question I was asked was how the principles related to praying out loud. My initial response was to see them equally applicable. I still agree with this however I also want to acknowledge the additional dynamics taking place when we pray out loud.
I used to really struggle to pray out loud. It can be really daunting to pray with a group of people. I would get all nervous and tense. I wasn’t really sure of what to say and worried that I would say something wrong. It annoyed me that I could preach an entire sermon, and then find myself struggling when closing in prayer. When I think back to many of the times I prayed with others my concerns were obvious. My voice seemed strained and my prayers rambled going no where in particular.
Many followers of Jesus can relate to this but our fear holds us back from fully embracing praying together. The good news is that this obstacle can be overcome. Let me outline a way you can not only begin to pray out loud but also grow in confidence.
The ‘out loud’ part of group prayer time is a particular challenge. You may be great at praying when you’re by yourself but your prayers seem to dissolve when you are with others. You seem stuck. Notice that the problem isn’t with prayer. You’re great at it. It’s when you have to do it aloud. Nerves are always a problem, but they don’t have to hold you back.

Most people want to be able to pray out loud but don’t. Preparation is a way that helps people overcome this. Here’s what I want you to do. (Note: the context doesn’t really matter. It may be in church, a small group, etc. The steps are still the same.)


  1. Before a prayer meeting, grab a piece of paper and a pen. Now write a single sentence prayer. Take it along and read it.
  2. The next opportunity you have, do exactly the same thing but make it 2 sentences.
  3. Now go back to writing a single sentence but instead of reading it, memorise it.
  4. Do the same thing with 2 sentences.
  5. Just keep following the process adding an extra sentence. At some point you will find you will be able to pray without your notes.
After getting frustrated at my own ability to pray out loud I adopted this process. It brought me freedom. I still will often write prayers down. Sometimes I read it. Sometimes I memorise parts of it. Sometimes my written prayer acts as a guide and keeps me on track. What I find exciting is that now I can pray aloud. I still get nervous at times, but my fear doesn’t hold me back.
Maybe you are trying to help others pray out loud. If this process helps them, great. But also never forget the power of encouragement. Listen for people who don’t usually pray. How meaningful would it be for someone who is struggling to pray aloud to be told “Wow, I don’t normally hear you pray, but when you did, it was powerful!”

Leave a comment with the one thing you can put into practice today to either overcome your fear of praying out loud or help others to. I’ll go first.

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  1. I am going to look for opportunities that I can encourage people when I hear them pray. I have been blessed so often when I hear people pray. I want to let them know.


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