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The average person on the street thinks Christianity is all about rules. Go to church. Give your money. Don’t swear. Don’t get drunk. And above all you have to always be polite and nice.

In part, this has resulted from a time when the Christian faith was a ‘normal’ part of social life. It was a badge worn even if you only went to church at Christmas and Easter.

As a result an exterior faith developed. Knowing your identity in Jesus is vital to change this. It will transform your Christian faith from a list of ‘shoulds’ to a vibrant pursuit of God.

Your Identity in Jesus

I find following Jesus a constant struggle. Jesus was selfless and sacrificial. Since I tend to act in my own self-interests, there is a disparity between who Jesus is and who I am. Increasingly I am learning who I am in Jesus. You can too.

  • You are made new.Identity in Jesus

Jesus doesn’t offer you a second chance. Instead he transforms who you are. Jesus has swept away who you were before.

Sure some things still need to be worked through. It doesn’t just disappear. But the things that held us captive no longer do.

Jesus will redeem and restore.

  • You are included.

Identity in JesusSelf-dependence is one of the narratives of our society. We believe self-dependence and self-reliance are good things.

Many people disconnect from those around them. To them people are strangers. However this is not what our identity in Jesus is like.

Followers of Jesus are invited to be part of God’s family. In particular, according to Paul, we are adopted as children of God.

It was normal for sons to follow in the footsteps of their father in terms of career. Peter is saying that followers of Jesus need to look to God to see how to shape their lives.

  • You are made for a reason.Identity in Jesus

I find the language of a ‘kingdom of priests’ weird for describing followers of Jesus.

Since it doesn’t resonate with modern Christian language, it can sound peculiar.

The role of the priest in the Biblical society was to connect people to God. Jesus says it like this:

“go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything that I’ve commanded you.”

To find your identity in Jesus means you will help others connect with him.

What can you do to help know your identity in Jesus?

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