Introducing the Pastoring with Words Podcast

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Introducing the Pastoring with Words podcast

The first season of the Pastoring with Words podcast is just becoming available every week. The podcast explores the process of writing as followers of Jesus by having conversations with those already writing in ministry.

I believe all followers of Jesus should be writers. It doesn’t mean you need to write a book or start a blog. But rather develop an inner art of reflection whether it’s writing a book, a sermon, a note to those you serve, or a journal.

Pastoring with Words in all about having conversations with Christian writers in ministry. Do you want to hear how others approach writing and how it could fit into your context? Are you interested to learn what motivates those in ministry to write?

Pastoring with Words is a podcast for anyone who believe God speaks in the silence, when we still ourselves enough to hear his whisper as write (or type) words on a page.

Episode 1

The first episode is a super short introduction to the podcast. Basically if you’ve read the bit above then you’ve got most of it – gotta love cut and paste.?

Episode 2

Honey, I Shrunk the Church

In this episode I tell the story about finding life in the church he never wanted to plant. Planting is a good word to describe starting a church. It’s a living thing – something you tend, water, fertilise, and sometimes prune. It’s not yours to own. You are just the gardener who gets to care for Jesus’ people.

As I reflect on my journey as a church planter, I can see people have come and gone. I no longer see people leaving as a sign of failure but of opportunity. I’ve learned what it looks like when people’s lives are impacted by Jesus and are sent into their neighbourhoods to bring kingdom change.

This is the story of a church I never wanted to plant but in retrospect a church that I never would have not wanted to plant.

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