It’s A Matter Of Trust


It’s difficult to really trust people, isn’t it?  You never know who will ‘stab you in the back’.  It’s something that our culture struggles with. 

It doesn’t really surprise me.  I mean, who hasn’t been let down by someone before?  We are often taught never to rely on someone else. 

If you want the job done right then it’s up to you to do it. At least this was the sentiment I saw on one episode of Grand Designs where the home owner decided he would do all the wiring, plumbing, etc. with the feeling that he could do it better than professionals. 

If you ask me, there are so serious trust issues going on here.  This is tragic when we transfer this lack of trust on to God.

This was brought home to me over the weekend.  A friend was singing a song during church this past week reminding us to allow the Holy Spirit to work in our lives. 

I’m sure you’re sick of hearing it, but I have been working around the house recently.  During the song I thought about one of our brass door handles.  I’ve been polishing it and it looks pretty good.  But I’ve only done one side so far.  As soon as you shut the door you see its dirty mate.

To me this is a picture of trust.  There is nothing the handle can do to make itself clean.  It is only when I begin to work on it. 

Now of course the handle is just an object – it doesn’t trust but there is a lesson for me. 

You see, I can’t really change myself.  Sometimes I try but I either inevitably fail or else it isn’t lasting.  In so many ways I am powerless to make a difference.  I’m not so different from the handle.

God’s Work

Eph 2.10

The Apostle Paul writes in Ephesians 2:10 that through Jesus we are God’s workmanship.  He agrees that we are the handle, unable to ‘clean’ ourselves but he points to the one who can bring about change.

We are God’s work.  What this means is that he is the one who will mould us into what he wants. 

This very thought may be a bit scary.  Instead of the ‘safety’ of doing everything ourselves, it calls us to trust. 

But it is God who we place our trust in.  He doesn’t want to beat us up or break us. 

Instead he wants to make it so that he shines through us – so that our lives reflect him.  So much of it is about relationship.  This whole process rests on Jesus and our knowing him.

Yes, it is hard to trust.  There’s a risk involved but when we place our trust in God, isn’t it worth it?

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