Are you Creating a Missional Culture?

missional culture

Australia prides itself on sporting ability. And we’re pretty good at most sports. This doesn’t surprise me when I look at Australian culture. Australians love the outdoors. Our environment is perfect. We consider 15°C (59°F) cold. Subsequently, we can play sport all year round from a young age. Further, Australia is a wealthy country. We … Read more

Top Advice from Missional Leaders on Disciplemaking Part 2

God is on a mission. He is at work redeeming the world. The story begins with God’s perfect creation, but marred by human sinfulness, he begins his redemptive process. But he invites us to join him on his mission. Jesus put it this way, “Go, and make disciples.” To be a follower of Jesus is … Read more

Where Modern Discipleship will Fail

There is one thing about the modern discipleship movement that concerns me.  In their video series Disciplemaking Blueprint the team at Verge Network state: ‘The fruit of a disciple is not just another disciple.  The fruit of a disciple is a disciplemaker.’ It sounds reasonable enough, doesn’t it?  But I believe it is slightly off the mark. I love … Read more

Confessions of your Pastor

The following is based partly on my personal experience as a pastor but mostly on conversations I’ve had with other pastors… I am the pastor of your church.  I live in your neighbourhood.  I serve our community.  It’s meant to be a joy.  Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t.  When I look around I see … Read more