Mark Meynell on writing, wearing masks & the cost of ministry

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I had the privilege of sitting down for for a conversation with Mark Meynell for the Pastoring with Words podcast. Mark is the Director for Preaching in Europe and the Caribbean for Langham Partnership.

Mark has written several books over the past 20 years as well as serving on the pastoral staff of various churches in the UK and time teaching in Bible college in Uganda. He has also contributed to my blog over the past few years.

Mark’s Posts

Mark Meynell Interview

When Darkness seems my Closest Friend

This post is a written interview with Mark about his important book When Darkness seems my Closest Friend.

When Darkness Seems my Closest Friend Mark Meynell

Why you should share your story during your struggles

We love hearing stories of how God has come through after a crisis has passed but there is something wonderful encouraging about sharing the story in the midst of the struggle.


How to see where your story and God’s story entwine

In this single question interview I ask Mark how we understand our life in light of the story of God.

Helpful Advice on Prayer

Sometime prayer can be a struggle. In this single question interview, I asked Mark to share some practical advice he has found helpful when it comes to prayer.

What is the biggest barrier followers of Jesus face in having an everyday faith?

Another single question interview where Mark and others give their take on some of the everyday challenges of the Christian faith.

Mark Meynell’s Books


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