Who Do You Think You Are? – Living in light of your identity in Jesus

‘What’s your name? And what do you do for work?’ These are two questions you inevitably get asked when you meet someone. It’s tempting to get all indignant, ’I’m more than just my job,’ but the heart of the question is identity. And it’s worth remembering that identity determines actions, not the other way round. … Read more

Joyfully Spreading the Word – Review

gloria furman kathleen nielson

‘Knowing Christ – loving him, worshiping him, meditating on him, enjoying him, and becoming more like him – is the primary resource every evangelist must have’ – Megan Hill. Joyfully Spreading the Word edited by Kathleen Nielsen and Gloria Furman focuses on the centrality of evangelism in the Christian life. Now, joy probably isn’t a … Read more