Tortured For Christ

Richard Wurmbrand’s book ‘Tortured for Christ’ was over a period of 3 days shortly after his release from a Romanian prison and originally published in 1967.  Wurmbrand says that his book has ‘no literary value’ and to an extent there is some truth.  However the true value of the book is due to the way … Read more

Intimate Melody

‘Heaven’s perfect melody The Creator’s symphony You are singing over me The Father’s song. Heaven’s perfect mystery The king of love has sent for me And now you’re singing over me The Father’s song.’ – Matt Redman, The Father’s Song As I’ve been thinking about intimacy with God recently I have found that it is … Read more

God Is Not A _____!

Exodus 32 is such a well-known story for those who have spent any time around church.  It’s the story of the Israelites making themselves a golden calf to worship.  I imagine that most of us automatically think this story is about idolatry.  We think they had stopped worshiping God and instead started to worship the … Read more

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