Peter Holford – Publishing Insights & Advice

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One of the ideas behind the Pastoring with Words podcast is to encourage people interested in writing. You may be writing with the intent to publish. But equally important, writing leads to personal and spiritual growth. This is part of the reason I ask guests on the podcast about their writing and how they wrote it.

I’m joined by Peter Holford for this episode. I’ve asked Peter to share some of his insights and advice from his experience in the world of publishing. He has spent many years in Christian and secular publishing across Australia and the UK. Peter has done a number of roles from marketing to manuscript selection. As such, he offers wisdom with a working knowledge of the industry as a whole.

Peter is also a good friend of mine. I’ve known him many years. He was best-man, and it’s through him I met my wife Megan. I look up to Peter because of his integrity and his walk with God.

I love his reminder that it’s okay to write for an audience of one. So often I get caught up thinking about how my writing will change the world. I need the reminder that before writing to change the world, I first need to see writing as the invitation of the relational God.

If you are a writer, or simply believe God speaks in the stillness, I’m sure you will love Peter’s gentle wisdom.

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