Even Better Than Eden by Nancy Guthrie – Review

Even Better Than Eden

Have you ever felt an emptiness in life? It’s OK, Nancy Guthrie can relate. In her book, Even Better Than Eden she writes: ‘Sometimes your sense of emptiness haunts you as a nagging ache. At other times it overwhelms you as a restless agony. Perhaps you have come to see your emptiness as your biggest … Read more

Joyfully Spreading the Word – Review

gloria furman kathleen nielson

‘Knowing Christ – loving him, worshiping him, meditating on him, enjoying him, and becoming more like him – is the primary resource every evangelist must have’ – Megan Hill. Joyfully Spreading the Word edited by Kathleen Nielsen and Gloria Furman focuses on the centrality of evangelism in the Christian life. Now, joy probably isn’t a … Read more

Uncomfortable by Brett McCracken – Review

Uncomfortable by Brett McCracken Review

‘The cross kills the me-centric bent of iChristianity, which bends the Bible to support one’s views and treats God as little more than a cosmic Siri to bless and comfort on demand.’ Christianity Should be Uncomfortable – excerpt Giving Up “Dream Church” and Embracing Discomfort – excerpt Uncomfortable by Brett McCracken is a book dealing … Read more

No Silver Bullets by Daniel Im – Review

Daniel Im

No Silver Bullets by Daniel Im is foremost a book about discipleship. However, this doesn’t mean the book is full of tips and techniques. Instead, Daniel Im views discipleship holistically at both an individual and church-wide level. Daniel Im identifies 2 key aspects of human life. First, we tend to look for the quick fix, … Read more

The Desert Blooms

Jon Shirley

Have you ever struggled to live out your faith practically every day of the week? Or does it seem more ‘real’ on Sunday’s?  What would it look like if followers of Jesus looked more like a family? What would happen if we became known as people who genuinely love others and look to serve them? The … Read more

Why We Love Men In Capes

Why We Love Men in Capes Mark Meynell

This isn’t really a review but more of a shout out about Why We Love Men In Capes by Mark Meynell. This is a fun audio feature connecting humanity’s love of superheros with our longing for a Saviour. The world of comics is dark and scary, much like our world, and superheros fight against oppression … Read more