Seeing Clearly in a Blackout

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You know, it’s made me realise a lot of things after no power for 5 days.

I imagined myself bible reading by lamplight and praying when the kids were asleep and all of us having a much more relaxed time… I imagined  spending time praying with kids and talking about God and how lucky we were… but oh boy was I wrong. I did not stop with the kids. They constantly fighting with each other, whinging about why there’s no power and they don’t understand they can’t just charge them…. And when they do get them charged via the car or someone else’s electricity, they are even more aggressive and fighting on Minecraft .

What an eye opener for me, who wants to live simply and off the grid! Looks like I have some work to do with all the electronic devices that I’ve realised my kids seriously are addicted to. And me as well! Every time my phone went flat I was a bit anxious as Facebook on phones was our only connection to what was happening . People raiding stores and looting and fighting over the last bags of ice and batteries . Imagine if it was the  last days and you woke up and we’re still here. I am a Christian who believes that I am saved by grace and have Jesus in my heart but it still makes me doubt. I can’t get over the aggression of people at our local Bilo and McDonalds, which were the only local places with power the whole time.

It has really, really made me think about how many other things I put before God when I need to be putting Him first. I’ve let my kids have their iPads etc. as they use them at school anyway, but the constant whinging almost took me to breaking point. I think if I’d been on my own I would’ve enjoyed the silence and the challenges and spending a lot of time with God, instead my bible didn’t even get opened!!!!!

It has really made me think about all this technology and how our children use it and to be honest it makes a wonderful babysitter. But this experience has been a life changer …. My girls and I need GOD at the centre of our lives, not iPads and phones!

( speaking of which, all of us are on separate devices as we speak!!!!!!)

Sharing is caring!

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