Jesus the Game Changer – Review

Jesus the Game Changer is the latest video release from Olive Tree Media. In short, the documentary series is a winner. It features 10 episodes, each 28 minutes long, which explore the person of Jesus, and the impact his teaching and followers had on society. Jesus the Game Changer follows on from Olive Tree Media’s previous … Read more

Music in Syria Reflects the Gospel

I hope you didn’t miss this news story last week.  The Russian Mariinsky Orchestra performed an outdoor concert in the ruins of Palmyra, Syria.  Palmyra is a heritage listed archaeological site which was liberated from ISIS.  It is a place where mass executions had been held.  It’s liberation and the subsequent concert is so significant because it … Read more

What They Don’t Tell You

Hearing anti-Islamic messages is all too common in modern Australia.  There were banners at the AFL over the weekend, violent protests in Melbourne and countless Facebook pages devoted to ridding Australia of ‘the Muslim invasion’.  The message that accompanies is always against refugees.  For these people, Muslims are middle Eastern, and all Middle Easterners are … Read more