Speaking the Gospel – A Story of Everyday Mission

There is a friend of mine who was working as a night security guard. And a second security guard came to him at about 3:00 in the morning and just said, “You’re a Christian, aren’t you?”

It was accusatory, right. So, my friend did not assume what would happen next was going to be, like, great job, high five. Instead he’s kinda gets nervous, and he’s just really tired.

The other guard says, “I do drugs. What would Jesus say about that?”

We could a little poll asking, “What would you say?” But what my friend ended up saying was:

Speaking the Gospel - A Story of Everyday Mission

“I think Jesus would say you’re putting your hope in the wrong place. You’re putting your hope in drugs. That hope lets you down. You know it lets you down cause you have to take a hit 3 or 4 times a day to stay high. I think Jesus would tell you he’s a better place to put your hope.”

Now the guy didn’t share the full gospel. He didn’t share the life, death, resurrection, ascension story. He didn’t share the 4 Spiritual Laws or the Roman’s Road, or anything like that.

All of those have their place at different times. But he spoke the gospel into this man’s present situation. He said I’m putting my hope in something, and my friend said Jesus is offering you a better place to put your hope.

To finish the story, the guy didn’t fall on knees and flush his drugs down the toilet, or anything like that. But what he did say was, “I’ve asked Christians that and no one’s ever given that answer before.”

Some of them say Jesus will tell to stop, which just fed this guy’s image of a mean God. Some of them said I don’t know what he’d say, which fed his image of Christians as hypocrites. You say that Jesus is your Lord and Master but you don’t know what he says or what he wants. Some of them said, well that’s a sin and Jesus died for it so you can go to heaven one day. This guy doesn’t even believe most of the words in that sentence.

So he looked at my friend and said, “I’ve asked so many Christians that question and nobody’s ever answered it like that. I’d love to talk more about that if you’re willing to.”

It’s because my friend spoke the gospel into the guard’s present situation.

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  1. Love this! We must meet people where they are. The Holy Spirit inspired that answer. He is at His best at times when we are our weakest–or most fatigued. Great message!

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