Are you looking for a speaker for your conference or next church event?

I’m so grateful you’ve stopped by. Why? Because I’m totally convinced of the is power and beauty of speaking. One of my favourite stories in the Bible is a conversation between Jesus and Samaritan woman. A woman who is down and out, rejected by her community is transformed and goes on to impact her community. All because of a conversation with Jesus. I believe God still transforms people and communities through the Holy Spirit. My desire is to see his redemptive presence saturate your event.

A Little Bit About Me

I preached my first sermon as a pimply-faced 16 year old in my local church. Since that time I have been speaking and preaching regularly at local churches and events in Australia, Africa and the Pacific. In 2013 I planted Cornerstone Church adopting a simple church model in order to focus on developing with sought to help people become missional disciples of Jesus. I love that God has revealed himself in Scripture and it’s such an honour to see people’s wonderment as they gaze on him. That’s why I love speaking and teaching about the Bible.

Popular Topics

Missional Living

Missional living didn’t come naturally to me. I had to work on it and I’d love to pass on what I learned. I can help your group:

* Discover the depth of God’s missional heartbeat for people as it runs throughout the whole Bible.

* Understand the Holy Spirit is working in the lives of people around them and inviting them to join his mission in their everyday lives.

* Find everyday rhythms to allow people to think missionally as they go through their normal life.


Discipleship is at the heart of following Jesus. I can help your group:

* Understand discipleship as a process of growing closer to Jesus rather than a matter of completing programs or practices.

* Develop rhythms and practices to help facilitate on-going Christian growth.

* Integrate a missional identity as a vital aspect of the discipleship process and a way to help disciple others.

Depression & the Christian Faith

I am not an expert on depression. I certainly can’t give you a cure. But I have something of enormous value to offer your group. I can:

* Share my multi year struggle as a follower of Jesus with depression including times of feeling lost, disoriented and abandoned by God and the grace and hope that’s helped me endure.

* Help people better understand the issues around depression from a Christian perspective.

* Help people avoid pastoral traps in how they care for those suffering depression.

Simple Church

I planted Cornerstone Church using a simple church model. By nature this style of church is highly flexible, adaptive and reproducible. I can help your group:

* Imagine what church could look if the only thing on canvas was loving God, loving others, and making disciples.

* See the enormous potential the simple church model has for bringing God’s presence into the community in unique ways in a post-Christendom culture.

* Learn ways the simple church movement can help and work alongside the larger church.

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