2 Small Shifts to Help you Live Missionally

Live Missionally

Many followers of Jesus struggle to live missionally. Sometimes we feel like we aren’t mature enough in our faith. Sometimes we don’t know where to begin. Maybe we we don’t think we have time to add another thing to our schedules. These are reasonable issues, but what if there were easy ways to live missionally? … Read more

Show and Tell

Don’t be under any illusions, talking about your relationship with Jesus can be difficult. We fear people will see us differently. People may put you in a box. Your career opportunities may be affected. But followers of Jesus are called to speak. I know people who don’t talk about Jesus while they are at work. … Read more

Why Halal Certification Serves the Gospel of Jesus

There have been calls within Australia to ban products with halal certification.  I understand the feelings of some but I do not share their view.  Most of the opposition to certification revolves around how monies paid to certifiers are being spent.  There have been suggestions that some certifiers are funding terrorists.  I cannot comment on … Read more