What Does It Mean To Be A Sign, Instrument & Foretaste? – Part 2

Lesslie Newbigin

“How is it that music can, without words, evoke our laughter, our fears, our highest aspirations?” ― Jane Swan Lesslie Newbigin’s description of the church’s mission to be a sign, instrument and foretaste of the kingdom of God is beautiful. In this series I’m looking at each of Newbigin’s images to see how they enlighten … Read more

Something You Can’t Destroy

We all have this amazing ability…the ability to mess things up: We mess up our houses, leaving dirt, scratches, cracks, and gouges in our path. We mess up our cars, staining the carpet, tearing the seats, and denting the fenders. We mess up our relationships, leaving a trail of hurt and conflict behind us. We … Read more