How to Develop a Missional Posture – Seeing what God is up To

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Georgie is one of the girls at my church. Both her, and her husband, work. They have young kids. And yet she feels bad about not having enough time to do missional things. Can you relate? What if missional living didn’t mean doing anything extra? What if Georgie saw her workplace as a place where … Read more

How to Missionally Engage your Community – Part 4

Dhati Lewis, Graham Hill, Steve Timmis, Steve Addison, Karen Wilk

– Advice & Resources from Missional Experts I’ve noticed a few common things happen since I’ve been blogging and speaking about missional living over the past 4 or so years. I’ve seen people’s eyes widen. God has captured people’s hearts with the idea that he is inviting them to join in his mission in the … Read more

2 Small Shifts to Help you Live Missionally

Live Missionally

Many followers of Jesus struggle to live missionally. Sometimes we feel like we aren’t mature enough in our faith. Sometimes we don’t know where to begin. Maybe we we don’t think we have time to add another thing to our schedules. These are reasonable issues, but what if there were easy ways to live missionally? … Read more

Are you Creating a Missional Culture?

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Australia prides itself on sporting ability. And we’re pretty good at most sports. This doesn’t surprise me when I look at Australian culture. Australians love the outdoors. Our environment is perfect. We consider 15°C (59°F) cold. Subsequently, we can play sport all year round from a young age. Further, Australia is a wealthy country. We … Read more