How to Missionally Engage your Community – Part 4

Dhati Lewis, Graham Hill, Steve Timmis, Steve Addison, Karen Wilk

– Advice & Resources from Missional Experts I’ve noticed a few common things happen since I’ve been blogging and speaking about missional living over the past 4 or so years. I’ve seen people’s eyes widen. God has captured people’s hearts with the idea that he is inviting them to join in his mission in the … Read more

Are you Creating a Missional Culture?

missional culture

Australia prides itself on sporting ability. And we’re pretty good at most sports. This doesn’t surprise me when I look at Australian culture. Australians love the outdoors. Our environment is perfect. We consider 15°C (59°F) cold. Subsequently, we can play sport all year round from a young age. Further, Australia is a wealthy country. We … Read more