The Challenge Of Intimacy

‘Intimacy is not a style of music. It is not simply what happens when the lights are low or the music is soft. Intimacy is the posture of one heart toward another. Intimacy chooses the path of self-disclosure above self-protection, vulnerability above guardedness, unhindered and expressed emotion rather than silenced feeling.’ – Dan Wilt on Psalm 139:1-2.

 I was watching an old episode of Frasier a few days ago.  From memory the show was suggesting that Frasier had a fear of intimacy.  I don’t really know, but given the number of times I hear the phrase on TV, it seems to be a common issue in our society especially amongst males.  Is it any wonder?  When we open ourselves up to others there is risk.  Who hasn’t felt stabbed in the back?  Or left hanging for a week after you propose (maybe that was just me)?  By the way, she said yes.

Intimacy makes us feel exposed and vulnerable. And we risk getting hurt where people are concerned.  This isn’t the case with God.  He knows us because he made us.  He watches over us.  And even though we don’t quite get it, he never abandons us.  As such, intimacy with him is not a risk.  He will never hurt us.  For those who fear intimacy we can find intimacy with God to be a privilege that is also liberating.

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