The Desert Blooms

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Have you ever struggled to live out your faith practically every day of the week? Or does it seem more ‘real’ on Sunday’s? 

What would it look like if followers of Jesus looked more like a family?

What would happen if we became known as people who genuinely love others and look to serve them?

The Desert Blooms documentary helps disciples of Jesus live on his mission within their everyday context. It celebrates in bridging the gap between Sunday’s and the rest of the week by helping you become a disciple-maker amongst those in your neighbourhood and networks.

Jon Shirley hosts both episodes of The Desert Blooms. The documentary focusses on The Gathering Network church but does this by integrating Jon’s journey with his neighbours with expert interviews. The interviewees are some of today’s best missional thinkers such as Alan Hirsch, Mike Breen, Jo Saxton and Mike Frost.

Episode 1 explores the idea that all followers of Jesus are sent ones. Jon reflects on his experience of Sunday-centric worship and seeks to his express faith in Christ in a way that impacts those around him.

Episode 2 looks at the changes in society. The key point Jon Shirley explores is how mission has changed in a post-Christendom society. In particular, Jon explores the dynamics between clergy and laity led ministry. He seeks to ask what does it look like to put ‘the work of the church back into the hands of ordinary people,’

Jon Shirley has even produced a great discussion starter which can be downloaded here.

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