The Seven Laws of Love by Dave Willis

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The Seven Laws of Love by Dave Willis seeks to offer practical ways that followers of Jesus can understand and develop stronger relationships.  The book is laid out in 2 parts – the first outlining the ‘laws of love’; and second demonstrating how this looks in practice.  Both sections are full of practical and easy to apply principles which move the reader away from a theoretical understanding of love.  Instead the book helps the reader to appreciate the necessity of love being demonstrated.The Seven Laws of Love

I was apprehensive upon receiving this book because of the title.  I expected a rather dry didactic book, however really surprised to find its pages full of narratives.  Willis’ writing style invites you into the book as he incorporates his story, along with those of others, to develop the laws of love.  He intertwines his stories with those from the Bible, especially those focussing on Jesus, to paint a visual picture of what it means to love in a Christ-like way.  In essence the first part of the book to offered profound insights in such a way that it was a joy to read.

I found the second part more wearisome.  It lacked the number of stories, preferring a more teaching approach, and was subsequently less engaging.  In some ways this section need not have been written.  It gave practical context of ways to apply the laws of love however these had been demonstrated previously by Willis’ use of narrative.  It contained several numbered lists which made the work scannable and at times had a blog-like feel.  The downside was at times Willis wasn’t able to fully develop his points.

Overall, I recommend this book for anyone who wants to practically follow Jesus.  Willis makes Jesus to be the star.  At times I found myself wanting to stand and cheer during Part 1 but also frustrated at times in Part 2.  But overall, I liked it.  Even more important, I believe the 7 principles offered provide a thorough picture of a love to aspire for.

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Disclaimer: I have received a free epub copy of the book in return for this review.

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