The Ultimate Rockman

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Our society is so consumed by image.  Everyone wants to look good, right?  Maybe some image consciousness isn’t a bad thing but it is easy to go to extremes.  We can be so image conscious that it affects what we buy.  So many times we feel like we need the best and the newest thing.  I could use a multitude of examples, but one that came to mind was clothing.  Fashions come and go seemingly overnight and as people we can spend countless amounts of money making sure we look just right.

This was brought home to me as I walked past the store Rockmans in my local shopping centre.  I must confess that I have never been inside this shop but with even a quick glance it shouted fashion.  I have no idea about their merchandise’s quality, value or ethical practices but what caught my eye was the name – Rockmans.  It’s a funny coincidence but there is also a ‘rockman’ in the Bible.  He is better known as the disciple Peter.

Rockman was a bit of a nickname given Peter by Jesus.  Principally it is a play on words because Peter means ‘rock’ but Jesus also continues the metaphor by declaring that the church would be built upon the rock of understanding who Jesus truly was.  It was rockman Peter who first said ‘You are the Christ’.  This Biblical rockman’s life reflected Jesus’.  Like Jesus, he wasn’t concerned with outside appearances but called people to a whole of life journey with Jesus.  Just like our society it is easy for Christians to be overly concerned with image.  We can easily fallen into the trap of doing the ‘right’ thing, or going to the ‘right’ church, singing the ‘right’ songs and being seen with the ‘right’ people.  I know this temptation all too well.  But whenever we trade in the superficial for our longing to be like Jesus, we are the ones who suffer.

It seems to me that there are dramatic difference between the shop Rockmans and the Biblical rockman.  The shop is concerned with making sure you look right, Peter is more concerned with making people become more like Jesus.  The shop’s clothes will wear out and go out of fashion, Peter offers Jesus, someone lasting.  The shop offers the illusion that if you look right you will belong, Peter says that Jesus brings people into his family.  When put side by side it’s not difficult to see who the ultimate ‘rockman’ is. Blog Footer

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