Who Do You Think You Are? – Living in light of your identity in Jesus

‘What’s your name? And what do you do for work?’ These are two questions you inevitably get asked when you meet someone. It’s tempting to get all indignant, ’I’m more than just my job,’ but the heart of the question is identity. And it’s worth remembering that identity determines actions, not the other way round. … Read more

Did Jesus Really Have To Die?

Did Jesus Really Have To Die John Stackhouse

As Christians throughout the world commemorate the crucifixion of a whipped-raw Jesus on Good Friday, and as they symbolically eat Christ’s body and drink his blood on Easter Sunday, one might well ask: What in God’s name is going on? Rooms full of books have been written about this subject. But for now, in this … Read more

Why you can have confidence in Jesus’ resurrection.

The death and resurrection of Jesus is critical to the Christian faith. It’s not hard to believe Jesus died, after all, death is the intended result of crucifixion. But it is harder to believe in Jesus’ resurrection. People don’t usually come back to life. But does this mean it didn’t occur? People have come up … Read more

A Manger In Migdal Eder?

How did the shepherds know where to go?  It’s a good question but we seldom ask it.  And it’s a question that we would do well to ask. We are so familiar with the story that anything remotely different is difficult to picture.  The Christmas story that we know has Mary, Joseph and Jesus in … Read more

The Bread of Life

I must admit I have always found it rather strange for Jesus to say that he was the bread of life.  I just couldn’t quite work out the point he was trying to make.  When we look at this statement in isolation it is a bit weird, but when it is put into the context … Read more