Why We Love Men In Capes


This isn’t really a review but more of a shout out about Why We Love Men In Capes by Mark Meynell. This is a fun audio feature connecting humanity’s love of superheros with our longing for a Saviour. The world of comics is dark and scary, much like our world, and superheros fight against oppression and injustice. Who doesn’t need a superhero in their life? The audio program touches on Batman, Superman, Spiderman and The Incredibles combining humour with theological insights.

Why We Love Men In Capes is available on itunes for $AU3.39. I have returned to it many times since purchasing years ago, so it’s well worth it. If you’re looking for something thought provoking but light-hearted, why not give it a go?

I have followed Mark Meynell’s ministry for a long time and really admire him. His preaching is Biblical and full of honestly. It has encouraged me personally many times. His books and blog are also well worth checking out. He works with Langham Partnership, London, in the area of preaching as well as writing.

Finally here’s a quote that’s completely unrelated to Why We Love Men In Capes but captures the thought of Jesus as our superhero from Bryan M. Litfin’s book The Kingdom.

‘It [Jesus’ kingdom] is not yet set up on this earth but the King will return one day. If you believe the good news of his resurrection you will be joined to Iesus [Jesus]. When you die, you will live just as he lives. When his kingdom finally comes you will dwell in it forever.’

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