Will Small – A Rising Poetic Voice

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Joining me on today’s episode of Pastoring with Words is poet Will Small. Perhaps best known for his spoken word poetry, he has published 2 books All Things New and Poetic Beings. Will has created a number of podcasts including the Man;Kind Podcast, Inhabit, Poetic Beings, and the Forming Church Podcast. He loves creating projects and enabling others to do likewise through his business Lead by Story. Before recently planting a simple church, Will was the Teaching Pastor at Narara Valley Baptist Church.

On the episode today Will shares some of his journey of faith and how poetry became part of that journey. I love these words Will said when he was talking about one of his poems, Snapshots of an Evolving Faith:

Obviously the line of the poem, says grace has been sprinkled the whole way through. God was with me when I was five years old and I accepted Jesus into my heart as a kid, and God was with me when I was a judgy teenager with an overzealous faith. And God has been with me as an adult with my faith, at times feeling like it’s falling apart and at times feeling like it’s more beautiful and rich than ever.

Sometimes my Christianity at its worst doesn’t lead me to look a lot like Jesus. And so, I have to repent of that and pray that rather than becoming a great Christian, would become someone in the future who looks more and more like Christ.

During the episode Will reads Snapshots of an Evolving Faith in full. I’m sure you’ll love it. I know you’ll love sharing our conversation.

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